Thoughtful consideration and attention

As first-time home buyers early in our marriage, we felt so cared for by the Pinkston-Harris team. Preparing to buy our first home had its fair share of learning curves, many of which had little to do with a specific property, but rather grasping the big picture of evaluating our life stage, our growing family’s needs, location, and hierarchy of priorities. I will never forget the perspective shift when walking through our first house with Margie and Stephanie and they spoke into our daily life in every way from where light switches were located to the potential work and errand commute of the area. We felt led in the process, and it meant a great deal to feel like we were being advised and looked after.


At any point someone on the team was readily available to take care of us, and everyone was informed and in the know with our current status. We toured homes with each team member. There was never a “no” and always a solution for how we could be taken care of. I was so thankful for how they never missed a beat, and they passed the baton seamlessly which made us feel like we always had access to an answer when something exciting popped up. They were so fast to respond, and made referrals for other professionals that we were also grateful to work with.


The Pinkston-Harris TEAM covered all of our bases from beginning to end. They were patient and helped us with comparative property searches even to validate that we were making the right decision. Margie, Stephanie, and Paige, THANK Y’ALL for everything! We cannot WAIT to move into our new home. While we are excited and relieved to be on this side of the “finish line,” their service definitely creates a void after their job is done. We are excited to refer our friends knowing the thoughtful consideration and attention of the Pinkston-Harris team that they’d receive.